Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potpot

Because I ran to the movie listing for the week and you know what's showing? Harry Potter. In ALL cinemas. I think except for one cinema in Robinson's, which is showing some obscure unremarkable movie I can't remember. I've learned back in 2001 not to make siksikan with everyone just to get to watch the movie. Back in 2001 (shift everything to sepia NOW) I ran to Rob to watch HP1. This was when we were having Biochem and stuff and it was always half-day and stuff, and this was also when the admission in Rob cinemas was just P50. This was also when the Midtown cinemas were just a dream, so off I went to what is now perfectly labelled by HTGOF as "Cinema Poorita".

The line to HP1 extended to Jollibee, so I told myself I would make no further attempt to watch the blasted movie (I, because I was alone, ya hear that batchmates, I'm used to watching movies alone!). And just to complete to plan to watch something I checked out what was showing in the cinema across HP1 and what should it be but... Glitter, the one with Mariah Carey in it! I checked the line for HP, took furtive glances to my left, to my right, and when I was sure that no one I know was in sight I went to watch Glitter. It is unintentionally funny, and I was laughing by myself much to the annoyance of the two other people watching who seemed to be really into it.

Which reminds me, I've already blogged about this, so I have officially jumped the shark and am now showing reruns, but this was way back in the Friendster era when, all together now, it still wasn't spammed by invites for a liaison in Ortigas by women in transparent clothes. Must resume attempt to preserve those entries before the site totally crashes.


HTGOF said...

i say it with the accent now. everybody join me, HARREY POTAH!!! don't watch it, napakapointless! hinati nila into two movies eh ang bagal bagal na nga ng pace nito. they obviously just want more money.

yuck fumifiller na din. luma! luma!

at watched a movie alone? ahahaha loser! loser!

will said...

i can't remember na rin kung sino ang buhay at patay sa harry potter

BOTD said...

I sometimes watch movies alone. for therapy! for more silent-ness. para tumahimik dahil walang katabing titingnan at sasabihan ng AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

HTGOF said...

yeah but you watch it sa laptop. i do that din naman heller like... EVERYDAY. ahahaha look at my word verification... jogers! sounds bastos!