Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Respite From Whinifications and AHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU's

Been catching up on my comic book reading and realized I have 165 comic book backlogs, so this is a comic book-related entry. Last chance to stop reading if you're not into comic books, but by all means read on if you drop by to enjoy the general nega-ness of things.

I hereby lay-out the salient points/general updates/spoilers in the DC Univerese.

1. Superman, in the ongoing storyline Grounded, is literally walking across America with each issue set in a different city. He deals with domestic violence, medical emergencies, broken infrastructure, etc. If you think this sounds boring you are absolutely right. Current storyline is just on the 5th of the projected 12 issues. The story should be renamed "Walk Walk Walk. Then Walk."

2. Bruce Wayne is back. You mean he was gone? Yes. For over a year after being blasted by Darkseid and thought dead the Batman cowl was donned by former Robin/former Nightwing Dick Grayson, with Bruce's son Damian Wayne the new Robin. Now Bruce is back after long storylines which saw him travelling through time, so we now have two Batmen. We also now have a Batwoman, practically two Batgirls, two Oracles, a Red Robin, etc. Hungh.

3. Wonder Woman is now sporting black leather pants, a smaller tiara, a leather jacket, and cannot fly. Storyline boring. Its place in the continuity unknown. We presently don't care. But must admit those jumping to reach sidewalk ladders fun.

4. The Justice League is composed of Dick Grayson as Batman, Donna Troy, Jesse Quick, Jade, Congorilla, and Mikhail. If you don't know them, it's because they are B-stringers, if not all together Z-stringers. I usually like groups with lesser known characters in it, but I cannot endure a comic book illustrated by the horrible Mark Bagley. Dapat magsama si Mark Bagley at si...

5. ...Felicia Henderson. She has finally turned over the writing job in Teen Titans to J.T. Krull. Felicia Henderson is the worst comic book writer in all of comic book history. And just in case I haven't said it clearly enough: Felicia Henderson is the worst comic book writer in all of creation, in all 52 multiverses.

See, even in comic book reading I cannot find respite from whinifications.


Callistus Netromedev said...

why bring back bruce wayne? he did his part and should move on. i had hoped that the batman would be one of the major characters who would pass on like the lesser characters blue beetle and the like but i guess if our sector can have 4 green lanterns, what is one more batman?

Callistus Netromedev said...

i like your proposed "Walk Walk Walk. Then Walk." title for superman it brings to mind the great zombie apocalypse "The Walking Dead" come to think of it, if the story's so bad, why not give the series the title "The Walk, Dead Story" that might bring in enough camp to generate a cult following

and yeah, let's make a fully-clothed, powerless wonder woman who struggles against gods and greater mortals with only her wits and intelligence. hell, why not make Inday of "Inday and the Super Friends" inherit the mantle of wonder woman? she'd make a far more interesting character, imho.