Saturday, November 13, 2010

Submitted For Your Approval

There are so many reasons why I get to sleep very late at night and waking up in the morning is torture: writing some non-medical crap, facetime, Voltage with Smoketh, comic book reading marathon, organizing computer files endlessly, just to name the few that are not bastos. And even when I get to close my eyes, I still wouldn't sleep because I have to think of lists. Yes, lists, which I list in my head. Like: the most common systemic manifestations of SLE or HIV. Not really. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! All together now: BLEEEEEEECH! What I usually list in my head in fact are things that don't matter in the greater scheme of things, like the top ten pornstars, er I mean DC superheroes of all time, the top ten X-Files episodes of all time, etc, which change nightly. My favorite is a listing of who I would include in my ideal roster of The Justice League of America, because DC can't seem to get this one right, and when they do, such as what Brad Meltzer did in 2006, the title can't seem to get a good story to drive it. So just to bore you, submitted for your approval is my current list of favorite Twilight Zone episodes (the 60's version), with the comments of my extremely mahirit batchmates while they watch it with me.

1. Eye of the Beholder- HIV: "Mas maliit pa ang baywang nung lalake kay Venus Raj!"
2. It's a Good Life- Dondee: "Walang point!!!!"
3. The Hunt- Me: "Ang ganda di ba! Ang ganda di ba! Ang ganda di ba!!!"
4. The Midnight Sun- Renrerenren: "Pinakapawisin ang all!!!"
5. The Howling Man- Tits: "10 minutes na wala pang nangyayari!!!"

End of blog entry.


Anonymous said...

you watched ano... ano uli yon shit... city of ember? ang ganda di ba? ahahaha!

will said...

IKR ang ganda! Ang ganda! Ganda ganda!