Sunday, November 7, 2010

There Are The Normal People, And Then.

Finally got to do final editing and illustrations on our fatty liver booklet along with Hurricane K, and this early we are telepathically coercing you to buy the book because all proceeds will go to Sagip-Buhay. Sagip-Buhay is cool because it helps a lot of our poor patients and such, and it also saves us residents from major headache, despair, and the desire to slash our wrists from all the thinking on where to get money. But ultimately our goal is to be in the Dewey Decimal System.

And just a couple of weeks ago we turned in our latest draft to Sir Guy Gardner over lunch. With much trepidation I also showed him my illustrations for the booklet.

"Our book is serious but the illustrations look a little... cartoony," he said.

"Aheheheheh," I sheepishly giggled-mumbled as I noted the elvish ears of the chronic liver disease patient vomiting blood.
"You know these look like something out of a comic book," Sir Guy Gardner said. "You know I know a lot of comic book artists. There are normal people, and then there are the comic book people. They read a lot of comic books. They go to conventions and they buy these comicbooks and they buy action figures, and they..."

Hurricane K shot me a glance. In our heads: AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

(With this Zombaboy pic, I couldn't totally disagree)


Callistus Netromedev said...

You should've shot back: "What do you mean by that, normal person?!"

kaye said...

well, I'm pretty sure he had somebody else in his mind. certainly not you. couldn't be you, you know. LOL.

HTGOF said...

omygod which reminds me! i have to blog this thing i swear true story ask meredith. sabi ng isang non-pgh fellow samin sa mech vent seminar buti daw nagaayos kami kasi yung mga residente daw sa pgh MAGUGULO ANG HAIR AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ok sorry talking about self again. anyways di naman obvious and iyong pagaka comic book person whatever that supposed to mean.

will said...

welcum back HTGOF! ramdam na ramdam namin ang absence mo sa scene. and ramdam na ramdam din namin ang pagbabalik! magblog/like/commenth na ulit!

Bubble said...

gusto kong mag volunteer sa illustrating the thingees. =)

will said...

@Bub, sayang just 3 days ago!!!! I know you would be able to give justice to a bloated CLD patient who would look like Bruce Wayne at the same time!!!!