Friday, November 26, 2010


Before residency started three years ago we were told by a fellow that we would see ten-years worth of cases in just three years, but we would also age ten years faster. Back in med school I would still be asked for an ID if I try to get in an R-18 movie, but now someone in the corner would offer me massage with intermittent sex if I would so much ask for a light--I mean if I were asked for a light, in which case I would say no, of course I don't have a lighter what are implying. Frichmond, however, has maintained her youthful looks. She recently asked a 7-11 crew for a pack of Marlboro Greens, and she was asked how old she is. Admirably she has stopped herself from flashing her license screaming, "Doktor na ako! Now give me that fucking pack of cigarettes. NOW!!!!"

I have recently unearthed a photo taken in 2001 in Pangasinan when I, Mrs. Therese, Chel, Jhonhie, Rodky, Groin, and Mae went to Hundred Islands. And just recently I happily had a pornographic photo of myself taken, also in Pangasinan. It's just almost ten years apart, but it's worth a hundred years' worth of innocence and virg lost. For more self-embarrassment.

Virg                                                                               Pa-Virg

What... happened.


Anonymous said...

pa virg! hearth throb some more. you should post some more youthful pictures para pagnasahan ka ng all. and can get sex...for free!

BOTD said...

at nagsimula nga ng mga HT stories! WAHAHAHAHA. more more more! ituloy!

will said...

ahahahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHA.
Hindi ito HT stories, more like self-embarrassment stories, yung pag wala nang maisulat papahiyain na lang ang sarili may maisulat lang ahahahaha. pavirg na pavirg.

will said...

naalala ko lang bigla na kaya ako nag pose ng ganito ay usong uso noon ang video ni britney na don't let me be the one to know kung saan umaakyat akyat sya ng puno ahahahahahaah

HTGOF said...

yun na! HT! HT! H! T! asan na ang mga girlies pa-direct nga sa page na to. anonymous, kung sino ka man ishare mo sa fb. BOTD tara na may idea na ko for a tumbler. to the bazaaar!