Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whinifications, Etc Part Two! AKA Secret Shame

And since we're on the topic and we want this topic to be over so we could go on with our lives as respectable doctors and lawyers and yuppies and such and we would only get one mega-dose of whinings and get on with our lives unencumbered by whinings and complaints at the smallest stuff here is my final list of... small things I whine about (secret shames) and hopefully (may moral lesson dapat) get over them as soon as the listing is done. DONE!

1. Again, the dirty walls and the disgusting floor in the boarding house restroom.
2. My Jonah Hex action figure (from the fantastic Showcase line back in 2008) is losing its hat. Now what good is a Jonah Hex action figure without its hat?
3. The two old women beside me are eating yummy-looking Japanese food while I'm subsisting on the smallest Voltage just to get internet access.
4. That I don't have a personal assistant/secretary. Because we should all have one.
5. That all the different charger cords for the phone, laptop, iPod, camera, and PDA always get entangled. ENTANGLED!
6. That we have to pee. Cumbersome.
7. That we can't teleport to the hospital and we need to walk.
8. That in 30 days residency would be over, unless I do something stupid, like kill someone and go to prison, or be caught having sex behind a bush and someone would bring it up on Facebook.
9. That my dad's 60's DC comicbooks wouldn't fit in the usual currently available comic book bags because they are five centimeters wider unless I get those expensive Mylar bags
10. That I can't fly, or become invisible, or read someone's mind.
11. That Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and all the rest are not real. This is really bumming me out.
12. That there are forms to fill up. FORMS!
13. Cockroaches. Because you step on them and they squirm, they get smooshed, they whine, then they run.

There, that's one million units of shallow, shameful, IV whinings out of my system and into your central line. Because tomorrow should somehow hold some promise that something. I don't know, just something.


HTGOF said...

shallow na sana buth biglang dum-ive sa last few lines. parang may something.

will said...

ahahaha talagang dum-ive pa with SOMETHING!