Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whinifications, Whinatologies, and Whinaprophisms

Was comfortably ensconced in my room yesterday with the aircondition in full blast and my laptop on my belly and I was reading digital comic books after comic books while the TV was on and just across me were my eskaparates of action figures in their wonderful positions and Dave Matthews is in the background screaming the wonderful song #41 and in my head: Ayoko na tumayo at bumalik sa trabaho. And if I should stand up to go to the rest room there is shower and the toilet has flush and the walls are clean and there is soap and I wouldn't mind if the soap falls on the floor because the floor is clean and I wouldn't be afraid that someone has just peed on the floor and if I should get hungry and I did I just texted my mum: Anong palaman ang pwedeng iprito? and in my head: Ayoko na tumayo at bumalik sa trabaho.

I know, the whinifications, whinatologies, and whinaprophisms of a pretend-spartan lifer who indulge in these worldly things, but my Fortress of Solitude was just that, a Fortress, like Superman's, minus the zoo of interplanetary animals, which I also want want want to have, and truly I should punish myself for these selfish, selfish thoughts.  And I also want want want to have replicas of the different colored kryptonites, and while I'm at it why not get one of those huge Bat-signals and a giant Penny and a giant dinosaur, but in a few hours I am snapped back into annoying reality because in just a few hours the weekend was over and I was thrown back to the dorm. In a moment of drama I had told Smoketh that as I was taking a bath in the dorm last week (disgusting image, don't try to imagine) and I was sitting on the tiny bangko and I was buhos-ing myself with the tabo and the four walls around me were gross what was running in my head was: huhuhu, sana mayaman ako.

Slap self for shallowness.

Back in college one of my Psych buddies was Krupskaya and I distinctly remember that in two different occasions she had told me that the only thing she really hates are people who are shallow. Oh yes, Krupskaya, I was shallow, punish me, PUNISH ME! For whining at the state of the boarding house bathroom when just a stone's throw away some people are intubated and being ambu-bagged.

A lot of the blogs I read are mostly entitled random thoughts, random this and that, confession this and that. This would qualify as such. But I still like my title This Could Be A Job For Mulder and Scully. I just like Catatonia singing the song in my head.


Anonymous said...

malamig ba yung tubig that you were buhos-ing yourself with a tabo? ahahaha. wala siya sa text but i imagine you were crying to the hagulgol level for more cinematic effect ahahaha. nakakatakot naman yan si krupskaya. niyurakan ang pagkatao namin ni the daw. pasabi nga ayoko ng mga parating deep. it makes me ano. suka all over. ahahaha.

ANL said...

huhuhu, sana mayaman ako--- IN pure kaartehan!!!! Madami ka yata napanood na telenovelas!! Ahahahaha. Di bale hijo, paglaki mo, magiging pag-aari mo ang haciendang ito!!

More kaartehan please!

ANL said...

Feeling ko maiinis/dissapointed si Krupskaya kung mabasa nya ito. Hindi ka pala totoong intellectual. Pagpapanggap! ;)
Buti na lang shallow din ako, your true friend and follower since your friendster blog.

will said...

AHAHAHAHAHAH yes HTGOF, malamig na malamig, slightly warmed only... by my tears.
ANL, ahahahahahah oo nga, in PURE kaartehan, PURE!!!! Nasan na kaya si Kay! Friendster era! AHAHAHAHAHA dapat ko na karirin ang paglilipat ng Friendster blog sa Spider Pig blog dahil I foresee na magcacrash na ang friendster

BOTD said...

i am sad today and i finally have a haiku...

ngayon ay a-kinse,
sweldo ko ay not yet here
sad, sad,sad,sad, boooooooooo.