Saturday, January 1, 2011


                Recently put a close to another chapter when residency ended, and fortunately the last few days were so bleeping busy and everyone was bustling with too much stuff to finish and submit and crap, or we would have been overwhelmed with senti-han portion. I don’t look like the senti-est person, but truly I couldn’t have found better people to have spent this three-year residency stint with. Of course there was the occasional nega, as could probably be expected from the intense, high-strung nature of our job, but at the end of the day these are the people I’ve spent more meals with, more time whining with, more drama, laughter, tears, and most importantly, peekchurifications with. Chief told us at the beginning of senior year, you are brothers and sisters, and like siblings you would have your differences, but no matter what you would still... love each other (dive!). I entered the program without really knowing most of them, but am now leaving with twenty-two friends I know I could just pull aside for synchronized whining. Thank you IM-Perfect, for taking turns injecting me with pain meds, for being such fun characters in this blog and being a great sport about it, for allowing me to take your picture wearing my Lantern rings. We've seen the best and whiniest sides of each other, and right now I’d want nothing more than to have action figures of each of you. Start thinking of your accessories.

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Anonymous said...

Whining and dining at its finest. Yeba IMPerfect!