Saturday, January 1, 2011

Too Many People

In the malls. Everywhere. Because it’s Christmas. Not to be Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin in the X-Files episode How The Ghosts Stole Christmas, but I’ve been ranting to everyone that I think Christmas as an annual event is too much, too much I tells ya! I can still remember exactly what happened last Christmas Season. Or two Christmases ago. Because not only do we get temporarily insane this season, we also end up permanently poor. Of course Tits doesn’t think so, in fact he thinks Christmas should be held every quarter. Imagine that, Marks & Spencer would be really happy. I also also also think that people in the hospital are at more risk for death every Christmas season. Because for some reason, the CT skull, the diagnostic centers, the dialysis centers, the clinics, and the consultants all find it within themselves to celebrate the Christmas cheer and just leave patients and residents to hang out and dry. Once a year lang naman daw, but I still wouldn’t choose to develop uremia this season.

This year for more Christmas cheer I decided not to go out for days and days on end. After residency officially ended last December 15 and we had our gee-whiz batch goodbye’s and Christmas parties I’ve decided to… not go out of my room. Not exactly true, it’s been five days and I sometimes go out to the balcony to eat a sandwich. I’m finally reaping the rewards of my nefarious hoarding behavior. After years and years on end of downloading stuff in Shrine MotherFucker 1 I now have gigabytes of magnificent stuff to entertain me for weeks and weeks more, stuff to watch while I’m lying down and drinking Coke Lite supine. And I intend to never go out of the house for weeks and weeks, until I become a totally pale and obese and bearded troll, like Fox Mulder in the much rightfully maligned 2nd X-Files movie I Want To Believe. And right now I’m watching the wonderfully cheery The Virgin Suicides. For more Christmas cheer.


Sidnister said...

Hey Will! Congratulations on your freedom from residency! Are you gonna enter slave-dom 2 (aka fellowship)? Did the same too on Dec 16 after residency. Then resumed life to study for PSBIM Jan 2. Good luck on your boards.

Anonymous said...

funny! missya wil. shrine MF 1 will never be the same.

HTGOF said...

i wanna go to shrine MF1... and speak in sentences that all have the word MF!!!