Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gee Whiz Fun With Thymes and RD-Kid

Finally saw a movie in the theater again after a long time with RD-Kid and Thymes. Whenever I watch with them we turn into those annoying people who talk to each other and give endless comments and laugh loudly, so it was a good thing very few people were watching 127 Hours. 127 Hours is extremely fun, and although ("spoilers!!!!") everyone had the same thing in mind upon entering the theater ("kailan nya puputulin ang kamay nya?") it didn't drag one bit.

Before the actual arm-cutting event I told Thymes: Eh ano ngayon, mas marami pa silang pinuputol sa Saw.
Thymes: Pero hindi true-to-life ang Saw.
Me: Isn't it.

So sadly Saw is not based on actual events, but more than that 127 Hours manages to make the cutting thing seem much much more painful and visceral than the auto-hepatectomies and all sorts of self-mutilation in all 7 Saw's. We thought we were prepared for a blah self-amputation scene but we still squirmed and squealed and yelped like panicking little wimpy girls. Of course there were lots of other harrowing stuff before that, including Aron's attempts to hydrate himself. He did the obvious and slurped his pee using a straw, but he also did other things we wouldn't think of like sucking his tears from his contact lenses.

Me: Meron pa syang one other bodily fluid na hindi nagagamit.
Thymes: Gross.

And true enough by the next scene Aron was jerking off.

Thymes: Pero bakit hindi pinakitang iniinom nya yung...
Me: Gross.

Watch 127 Hours!


BOTD said...

AHAHAHAHA. this reminds me of our pagdidissect nung movie abouth that cell phone caller sa ilalim ba ng kweba or something? basta yung may cell phone.

so pinutol niya talaga kamay nya?

will said...

yung Buried, pero unlike Buried this is much more fuuuuuuuuuuun. yup putulan effect at dahil highlight of the movie yun ay pinakita pagputol per nerve, muscle, etc hahahaha

BOTD said...

BURIED! that's the name. yuckery! self mutilation. hahahaha. ndi ko keri.

Charles said...

i skipped watching this movie coz i watch sa mall weekly. di ko lang talaga kaya this kind of tragedy. Sa Frozen nga eh most of the time I was not staring sa screen.