Monday, February 14, 2011


Never been much of a brat, but I wish I were. A brat wields power, and being a great brat requires great skill with one end goal in sight: to get what I want want want. Because it should be mine mine mine.

Two months ago Mrs. T, Uni-Horned Beef Jerky Alanis Whore, and I were supposed to enter this fellowship program, let's call it Swedish Pottery. This got me all giddy. "Kayo lang ang dahilan kung bakit ako mag Swe-swedish Pottery," I told Mrs. T, unable to make adult, independent decisions myself and all. So it was with great mortification that while I was eating kwek-kwek by myself in MSU Mrs. T approached me to say something like something happened, she changed her mind, she wasn't into Swedish Pottery after all! She's into, let's say, Klingon Poetry.

"What the hellellel!" I exclaimed.
"It's just that..." Mrs. Therese said.

Throughout the conversation I had the following inputs:
1. Maybe you should sleep it off. And when you wake up refreshed and all, you'll probably realize that Swedish Pottery helps more people, which is in your nature.
2. Swedish Pottery would allow you to touch people's lives more than Klingon Poetry ever could.
3. Okay, if that's what your heart really desires, I'm aching with the thought but I'm... letting you go. Enjoy Klingon Poetry. You've got all our support.

How civilized. But while it's not in my nature to tell the truth I could no longer take it and told her the next day with much bratty whining: I didn't mean the nice things I've said because what I really want to say is... HOW COULD YA DO THIS TA ME?!?!?! Huhuhuhu (fake tears)

Truly Mrs. Therese has chosen her path and we wish her well. We've just had our first day of class today, the twentieth first day of class in my entire life, and tomorrow Mrs. Therese would have hers. And truly, Swedish Pottery is just that--Swedish, ie, we couldn't understand anything, and it takes more pagpapanggap abilities. Truly there are better things in life, like Swedish porn, but it's a two-year program, and watching porn for two years would be exhausting and at our age, kinda gross.


The Gasoline Dude said...

I'm not familiar with Swedish pottery. LOL!

BOTD said...

wahahahaha. swedish pottery! ahahaha. makakasanayan mo din gumawa ng pots for moooooore! are you in the SHRINE? ahahahahaha. with all the dating coupleszzzz? ahahaha. sino bang batchmate mo ang nasa swedish pottery class din? hahaha.

will said...

hi gasoline dude! it's our totally unrelated code name for "oncology" ahahaha thanks for dropping by!

BOTD, yup i'm in the SHRINE alone, walang couples, in fact walang TAO! mukang nasa mga karatig motel sila lahat

Sidnister said...

swedish pottery = onco
klingon pottery = rheuma?
I'm really lost. . . Why does onco get named after some foreign country and rheuma is given something alien? Oh. . . .
Bakit din pottery? Why not swedish massage (kasi onco have some of the most relaxed people)? Tapos, kami Klingon massage (anong implication nun hehehe). Congrats, special agent fox mulder for passing the basic pottery mastery exam!

Walking on Water said...

Swedish pottery? Oh you'll be babbling Swedish in due time, Will. Give it a few months. I want to see you blog about taxels and blah blahs soon.

HTGOF said...

I am a witness to this safm doing the swedish pottery thing!! And all i can say is... Ahahahahaha! What the helelelelel! Fockery!

Anonymous said...

ooh.. i love Klingon Poetry! =)
Am Lin

will said...

hi ma'am jean swedish pottery indeed ahahahah hopefully it would be more familiar soon.

HTGOF sorry for the indyan, it was indeed a fockery.

Am Lin, what up!