Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tutututuw! Tutututuw!

Back in 2007 I wrote in my Friendster blog (back when, all together now—it still wasn’t spammed by invites for orgies in Ortigas!!!) something about the ill-fated show Dayuhan. Or more appropriately, how I thought it was a childhood hallucination when I was 8 years old, as there is nothing on it on the internet and no one I know ever has a recollection of the damn thing. It got a couple of replies, with Mike S. succinctly saying, “no, you haven’t imagined that shite”. Dayuhan is a show starring a bunch of young actors led by Hero Bautista as a young alien who has the power to inflict pain on anyone by removing his thick-rimmed glasses and staring at the person, with the background sound effect going “TUTUTUTUW! TUTUTUTUW!” Yes, this was in the early eighties, and it could very well be the predecessor of that other crap show, Roswell.

Strangely years after I’ve abandoned the Friendster blog I would still get notified thru email that there are a couple of new comments. This is a sign that there still isn’t a lot of Dayuhan material on the internet, and whoever’s looking for references is directed to Friendster, which is sad in many levels. One of the commenters introduced herself as one of the kiddie stars of the show. I don’t remember her role as she described it, because truly I could only remember Hero and the evil girl whose sound effect is always a much louder, much baseline karindihan TUTUTUTUW!!! TUTUTUTUTUW!!! to illustrate her higher level of powers. Obviously this is a sign that if the major networks have run out of fairy tale and local comic book materials to copy and put their spin on, they should just do a remake of Dayuhan. But they couldn’t call the show Dayuhan because it sounds boring, instead they should call it, all together now, TUTUTUTUW! TUTUTUTUW!!!!


Charles said...

I loved watching Dayuhan. And I thought no one living today ever watched that show. I initially tuned in to it coz of the girl from Yagit pero maiiwasan mo bang di ma-enchant sa green colored aliens? It was only later on that I realised na they got the show's name from V (Visitors).

will said...

i know for quite sometime i actually thought the show was a fucking hallucination ahahahahahaha i think around ten people still remember this show!

obet said...

walang soft print or carbon print from internet..since walang nagkainteres na irecord ito kahit sa screen lang or khit audio lang,wala eh sbi ko nga it is me..its my childhood days,ung de bukas na tv..sayang na sayang..wala tayong makikita kahit carbon footprint,kahit image lang nung show..