Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Premature Whinings

Last graduation each graduate received a fun, tiny Oblation trophy--perfect for endless batch peekchurifications with all sorts of strange/erotic/esoteric poses. Marth V has done peekchurification wonders with all sorts of weird implements in the past, so an Oblation trophy was a no brainer. Strangely, specifically for the batch, there was very little peekchurification. Gone were the days when every single tiny nook and cranny must be snapped by five different cameras, all to be copied around and uploaded in Facebook, every single photo to be commented on by everyone involved, each comment wittier and funnier than the ones before it. As if instantly, after the whiplash events, everyone has prematurely grown weary and old and tired of life. And for more, just after a couple of days in this new state of life called Hell-owship, I see my batchmates walking around the pay floors like soulless vessels of... sleepiness. We miss a lot of things, but more than anything else, we miss that chance to just take a twenty-minute--or a four hour--nap in the middle of the day. Very early whinings, so we know things can only get worse.

"This is my Grammy for best new artist as a fantastic singer-songwriter," I told Popopopoker Face Popopoker Face as we posed for the official group photo.

"Well this is MY TONY!" Popopopoker Face Popopoker Face exclaimed. Popopopoker Face Popopoker Face is currently an Internal Medicine consultant in Samar. We need to have contingents all over the Philippines for one purpose: so they could get rich, come back, and treat us to dinner.

Uni-Horned Beef Jerky Alanis Whore has made karir AVP's as tribute to our consultants and families. Remarkable quotes were put up. Our favorite would have to be "There is nothing in fairness about it!!!" as said by one of our consultants during a rather toxic audit in response to the presentor Franny Glass's "Ma'am, in fairness to the service..."

"It's okay, Franny Glass," we told our beloved Franny Glass in the ICU afterwards, "it could have been worse, like if you instead said subconsciously, 'Ma'am, in FAIRVIEW to the service..."

All together now: There is nothing in fairview about it!


Walking on Water said...

In fairview mam, I just made nanette the results. The patient was so pureza he couldn't afford the test. Hence, poverty was the reason why he went jokelya mae. In other words, luz valdez tayong lahat!

gets mo?

will said...

ahahaahahahahahahahhaha ma'am jean ahahahahahahahhahaha! may bagong sinabi si mar, bago daw ni sir dave: haggard-o versoza ahahahahahahhaha. di ko na matandaan ang luz valdez though, must ask mar.

Walking on Water said...

Haggardo Versoza equals pagoda cold wave lotion. Hirap intindihin, 'no? NakakaImbyernadette sembrano!