Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Second Call For Marth!

In the pure absence of things to talk about in our current zombified state Frichmond, Smoketh, and I started waxing nostalgic. Truly I had no stories to tell them.

"I tried breaking open an ampule today. The ampule fell on the floor. Luckily it didn't break. So I picked it up," is the most exciting story I could tell, hence the desperation to rummage old stories.

"Let's try to imagine what Robinson's Ermita looked like when it was still poorita before it transmogrified into Midtown," one of us, whom we shall call Zombie 1 instead of their proper codenames, said. "Where was Starbucks before?"

"A stone's throw away from Fridays, near the Pedro Gil entrance," Zombie 2 said. There is no point discriminating among the zombies, as everyone is now properly zombified. "What restaurant was beside Starbucks?"

"Some restaurant. That area is cursed. It used to be...."
"Cucina Victoria!"
"And then in a few days it became...."
"That crap restaurant that serves expensive crap food, Oody's,"
"Which is beside...."

Stay away, all sorts of political correctness activists, we did not coin the term. Faggaro used to be a popular colloquialism for Robinson's Ermita Figaro, because it used to be a tambayan of all sorts of drag queens surrounded by young, heavily-made up women in tiny skirts. We're not morons so let's cut the political correctness crap--those drag queens were pimping the girls to foreigners. When Robinson's was expanded and Figaro sort of underwent a transformation, however, all them draggies disappeared. Frichmond started to ask whatever happened to one of the mainstay drag queens there.

"One of them became my patient in the ER in 2009," I explained to Frichmond. At that time he was totally devoid of make up, and he had a very scary manly voice. He's been admitted for chronic kidney disease with creatinine shooting to a thousand and he had absolutely no money. Or a bantay. A few times a couple of them short-skirted girls visited him, but that was it.

Luckily before we fell into the boring trap of tracing all the establishments from Starbucks to Dymocks or Tower Records or Cinnzeo in the Faura Wing, Frichmond went farther in the nostalgification and time-warped to the year 2001. We used to go to UP Diliman and one of the restaurants in Katipunan was called Ken Afford. I'm not sure if it's still there, but Frichmond frequented the place back in college. One time after a weekend in Mount Banahaw for a PI 100 class Frichmond and her friends went directly to Ken Afford. They've become so accustomed to screaming to hear each other in the mountains for two days that by the time they were in Ken Afford they were still screaming.

An old mestizo guy behind them called their attention and nicely asked them to lower their voices. Mestizo guy looked familiar, but they couldn't properly identify him, but he looked quite familiar, like he was some Sampaguita Pictures actor but who is this, they thought, maybe he's, no that guy is dead, maybe he's...

There was no need for further guessing as the old, more familiar woman beside him spoke, eyebrows shooting through the orbit, and in true kontrabida fashion scolded them:

"Don't you kids know you're practically shouting?!?!" scolded Rosemarie Gil. Guy beside her is her husband, Eddie Mesa.

There was nothing else to talk about, so we tried to identify all the local actors and actress from the Rosemarie Gil-Eddie Mesa clan and it proved to be too confusing, not being regular watchers of local soaps or subscribers of Yes magazine. We need emergent help. Calling Marth V!


BOTD said...

hahahaha. sayang wala ako! hahaha. the eigenmanns are oh so fascinating...some of them went to ob for MORE! ahahahahaha.

will said...

Ahahaha si smoketh bihira na rin makapunta at ang hirap na makatyempo sa shrine mf1

MerryCherry, MD said...

Hahaha, hi (sir) willy :)

will said...

ahahaha hi che z! isa ka ba sa mga kasama ni anj dito sa ken afford ahahahahaha