Friday, April 8, 2011

At Around This Time: Five Years Ago

Because they said you shouldn't forget. I don't know who said it or if it's even real, it's just the sort of thing someone would say in a B-movie or B-book or B-comic book. Speaking of B-comic books, have just been catching up on the DC title The Outsiders as written by Dan Didio. Now that's a B-comic book, made more B by the new character--the red-skinned villain Freight Train!!!! In any case forgetting is, most of the time, not a matter of should and should not--because right, as if we have a choice in the matter. No psychotherapy, for instance, would make me forget Alex Z chokeholding Callistus back in grade 6 which caused copious amounts of uhog to make talsik from Callistus' nose.

And so in a manner of flashback-flashforward motion with no sepiafication effect but with a loud swooshing sound because I always like to imagine that I'm a character in Lost, we begin with:

Five Years Ago: Doing MICU endorsement rounds, as interns. I was not listening most of the time, because we were too busy watching our blockmate Plocky aerating his armpits by making sabit his arms on the curtain bar thingie in front of each bed, with the full blast of aircon shooting directly to his armpits. At one point he forgot that it wasn't a monkey bar and pulled the whole thing down, which is quite long as the curtain bar spans all ten beds--the entire ICU, essentially. This mishap would have made history, except that it was immediately bumped off from many people's memory by the curious incident of the leg falling through the floor and into the ceiling of the isolation room the following year. The ICU endorsements were loooong, and I swore then that if I would be the one to conduct them I would cut the damn thing short. I discovered two methods how to do it: 1) Force everyone to present in haiku, which no student really took seriously. So I resorted to 2) Escape. Let Aids facilitate the endorsement, and escape.

To be continued. Next: Twenty Years Into The Future!


BOTD said...

WAHAHA. as in nahulog yung curtain rods? buth talo nga yun ng leg in the kisame! para syang...hole in the wall!

haha. 1 year ago I was in Ortho looking out the window and being eaten by the best blood extractors in PGH...ang mga lamok. AHAHAHAHHAHA!

HTGOF said...

I vote blog about the leg sa kisame!

Joti said...

funny times three :)