Friday, May 20, 2011

And In Yet Another Non-Event

My seatmate Sikh Atar was late. And he lived just a stone's throw away from school. Our Reading teacher was livid. This was back in Grade 6, when people would get livid if you get late, or if you don't submit your notebook on time, or if you put gum on their seats. Now we reserve being livid to more important things, like if we get two packs of precious packed RBC approved but the bantay just lets the approved form sit there in the cabinet to expire. Yes, I'm having these issues again because I'm still doing first year residency-hood stuff.

Back to Sikh Atar. He finally arrived, and he was all sweaty. Sikh Atar is one of my favorite people of all time. If there were already blogs back in Grade 6 he would have been a resident character, except that there were no blogs then, or internet, or even a computer. After the entire dancing around with the teacher as to why he was late and if he would promise never to do it again etc the class resumed and then thankfully ended. This is the same class where RBTDS and I got in trouble because we laughed incessantly at the teacher when she said "The girl is lapping." Obviously she meant laughing, because we could think of four reasons why that sentence would be bastos.

"Why were you late?" I asked Sikh Atar.
"Nag-masturbate kasi ako," he said. Of course he didn't use the word masturbate, he used the Grade 6 tagalog word for masturbate which we shall not use here because we are mature individuals.
"I see. Sinong pinagmasturbate-an mo?" I asked casually. Pinagmasturbate-an sounds like a weird conjugation, because obviously I didn't use that conjugation either.
"Si Priscilla Almeda." he said non-chalantly.

To the uninitiated Priscilla Almeda was an ex-teeny bopper who successfully transitioned to ST films. I don't recall what ST stands for right now, but it refers to those tagalog movies where people pet and groan and pass off the activity as sex. Sort of like a soft-core penekula. The concept of ST films can be packaged with the concept of pre-tarpaulin movie posters which were hand-painted and posted-up in Cubao or in some theater called Ligaya. My dad has a theory that a town theater was doomed to showing only bold movies because the first movie it ever screened was called "Satan".

I don't know why I'm suddenly recalling this taste-less non-event or why I think I should waste five minutes writing about it. Maybe I recently saw some Priscilla Almeda photo somewhere or heard her name somewhere. Which begs the question: Marth V, what movies constitute the filmography of Priscilla Almeda?


kaye said...

seryoso? that conversation took place between you and your classmate? didn't know you could talk about that as casually as you did back in grade six. ahahahahha!

and i think ST means sex trip. why? beats me!

Anonymous said...

Ehem. I was teased for looking lkke priscilla almeda.. So iscthat friend of your cute? Hahahaha just kidding. I hate priscilla shes so round. Ya. Presicely. Ok next sick story! More! More!

will said...

hi ate kaye! yup i think kilala mo sya pero let's not expose him ahahahaha. ayun sex trip nga. ang naaalala ko lagi ay TF, Titillating films


Walking on Water said...

Why is Marth V the expert? Does this mean he was the one downloading penekula into the CVS computer?

BOTD said...

omg. i can commenth na ulit! ahahaha. conyotic extreme edition. wahahaha. this entry is sooooo funny. andddd....sir will....i think ano...diba....precisely? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

will said...

ahahaaha go marth v!