Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grey's Anatomy

Is a show I've never warmed up to. Probably because the first episode I've watched, while in the interns' corner in Rehab Ward with Smoketh, Mrs. T, Roxy, and Len-Len back in 2005, was the one with Meredith Grey craning her neck and whining, neck veins popping and all, "CHOOOOSE ME. LOOOOVE ME." After which we zoned out and resumed watching Saw 2, where Amanda jumped into a giant vat of capless syringes to look for a key.

Was surprised in the recent weeks that the show is still on going, and asked The Daw if they are already consultants. I gave it another try one week-end, and after that rather entertaining scene where the post-by-pass guy about to be discharged lit a cigarette while still in his hospital room with his nasal cannula still hissing- out oxygen resulting in a facial explosion, I zoned out again and resumed cheating in Smurfs and reached level 33.

My recent attempts at niceness-slash-pagtitimpi apparently came out of nowhere, until I realized that it is probably a subconscious fear at this Grey's Anatomy scene which The Daw has narrated. So there was this bantay asking the resident for hospital directions or something, and when the resident hemmed and hawed and showed hesitation, said bantay brought out a gun and blasted the resident, sadly not Meredith, in the face. Because truly:

Bantay: Pa-reseta po ng Ensure.
Me: Ah, eh...


Bantay: Saan po ang ABG?
Me: Ah, eh....

There you go, discovered the root cause in one day. And also, as The Daw has so wisely explained: Masarap naman talaga ang Ensure. Smoketh's wisdom is leaking into The Daw.


Walking on Water said...

I wonder what happened to McDreamy.

BOTD said...

Ma'am Jean, McDreamy is still...there. ahahaha. isa na syang super consultant. hahaha.

ooooh Sir will feeling ko you'll enjoy the episode with the woman na may seizure na ang presentation ay multiple orgasms every 15 minutes! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

will said...

Matandang matanda na ba si Mc Dreamy? Like emeritus?

BOTD said...

no he's not emeritus level. he's more of...consultant level only. young consultant at that. hahaha.

HTGOF said...

I hate meredith she has this concept na maganda siya.

will said...

di ba puro ugat sya sa leeg?

BOTD said...

i hate meredith too. she's so whiny! ahahaha. sinong maugat ang leeg? AHAHAHAHA.

i love cristina. she's so funny. ahaha. actually i think ano yung favorite ko yung sinunog yung mukha niya nung biglang sinindihan ang self habang nakaO2! ahahahahaha.