Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Daw Is Alive.

Smoketh was walking somewhere in PGH a few days ago, and said she saw an intern in scrubs with a frantic look on her face. A frantic look on her face while walking really fast, holding up an X-ray film against the light, while walking really really fast. We all know what frantically walking interns look like, and what they sound like, ie, the clanging of that bunch of keys clamped on their belts with dozens of paraphernalia (micropore, trodat, scissors, etc). Others would carry belt bags, which I think is cooler because belt bags with lots of pouches make you look like an over-illustrated Rob Liefield 90's X-Men character.

Back to intern-in-scrubs-frantically-walking-while-holding-an-X-ray-plate-against-the-light. Smoketh has described her more succinctly: Parang naintubate yung patient nya at malapit na syang kainin sa endorsements. Back in the wilderness years I would get nauseous every morning come endorsement time. Too much unnecessary shouting.

While watching the intern Smoketh thought she recognized her. It looked like... The Daw. She almost screamed "The Daw!" except... she realized that The Daw is dead. No just kidding, The Daw is still alive. But Smoketh has realized that The Daw has already graduated two years ago. Could have been a fantastic horror story, but let me clarify, The Daw is alive, very much alive and feverishly studying.


BOTD said...

ahoooooy. i am right here. frantically turning pages of harrisons i don't understand. HAHAHAHAHAHA. in fairness...with my recent craziness...i guess...I'm like that intern na kakainin sa endorsements. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

BOTD said...

and i think year palang naman since graduation. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

Walking on Water said...

Sino si The Daw? Daw Ming Su?

will said...

ma'am jean, the daw is.... Benefit of the Daw aka BOTD AHAHAHAHAHAAHHA