Monday, June 13, 2011

The Fantastic X-Men: First Class

After escaping the OPD ran ran ran to the callroom to find.... boxes of free lunch! Ahoy! FF! ie, FREE FOOD! And for dinner, I tagged along in an RTD in Gumbo, an RTD which... does not concern me! Thank you Smoketh for letting me tag along the RTD about... anti-hypertensives! AHAHAHAHA. Round Table Discussions, ie Free Food, ie Entanglement, should constitute diverse subspecialties or so we believe, so Smoketh brought me, a pediatrician, a gastroenterologist, and The Daw who will someday subsubsubspecialize in clara cells or kupffer cells for.... Free Food!

And you know what Free Food entails.... enough money saved so I could finally watch The X-Men First Class! With Frichmond, Smoketh, and The Daw I watched the fantastic movie, and the movie is so fantastic my disbelief at the crapfest/trainwreck that is X-Men 3: The Last Stand has intensified to even greater unbelievable heights! I only minor in Marvel, so my X-Men knowledge is more limited but I know certain details: That Angel/Tutubi Girl first made an appearance much much later, in the early 2000s Grant Morrison reign, The New X-Men! Grant Morrison's X-Men run is excellent, and you should get it. I major in DC, but now DC is rebooting its entire continuity. More of my fangriness at this in future entries.

The Daw's expressions while watching were so genuine we all forgot she has already seen the damn movie. For some reason the four of us laughed at things nobody laughed at. In particular the bromance scenes of Prof. X and Magneto where one common thought ran in our heads: Master Frodo! Oh Sam. Master Frodo! Oh Sam.

After the last full show we marvelled at the emptiness of the mall as the strong winds were going insane outside. The movie was so fantastic it left some sort of cannabis effect: we laughed at everything. At the pail inside the mall catching rain drops dripping from the roof. At the wind. At... Tutubi Girl. At..... Master Frodo! Oh Sam. Master Frodo! Oh Sam.

The next day I watched the crapfest/trainwreck that is X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Where Dark Phoenix was more like.... The Magenta Phoenix! Where Cyclops, Professor X, and hundreds of people were.... disintegrated to smithereens by the Magenta Phoenix's awesome power!!!! Darn you to smithereens Halle Berry!


BOTD said...

ang masasabi ko ang ay isang malaking paasa ang punyemas na ulan. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

will said...

ahahahahahahahha dahil kinabukasan ay..... pinaka mainit