Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mulder and Scully Recommend

Our music recommendation for the night is the song Mushrooms and Roses by Janelle Monae from the fantastic album ArchAndroid. I've discovered her album while browsing through possible downloads, I mean purchases, a couple of months ago, and I had no idea who the heck she is or haven't heard her anywhere. But truly who could resist an album entitled ArchAndroid, with that look on the cover where she is wearing on her head... a city. A Kryptonian city. Kandor. Truly she could be a villain in a Supergirl comic book, or a villain who turns out to be a friend who turns out to be an alien-Kryptonian android-mutant hybrid--who is dying so Supergirl could have a dramatic moment.

For a while I've forgotten that Janelle Monae is in my iPot, what with thousands of great songs competing for my attention, until tonight while walking along Rob and what should play but this weird-sounding song and I suddenly snapped into a haze and mumbled: Mushrooms, mushrooms and roses. It's like this weird combination of Radiohead and... and.... I don't know why but she reminds me of a tiny female Prince. Or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. TAFKAP. The Symbol. The Prince. The.

My iPot is evolving into a fully-developed, living creature. It's starting to develop... empathy. Like it senses my current state of mind, be it a zombified state or whatever, and it starts playing apt music. Or if it doesn't sense anything, it just exhibits fantastic randomization skills. Unlike my old iPot 2 years ago, whose favorite song is Give Me Novocaine by Green Day. I could be happy, fulfilled, or already filled up with so much IV meds, and it would still play, from its thousands of songs, Give Me Novocaine.

Two nights ago I've received this text message from The Daw, a reaction to a song that suddenly plays in her iPot: Why the fuckery do I have this song.... Maghintay Ka Lamang by.... Ted Ito?!?!

See, iPots are sentient beings.


BOTD said...

Ipots: they have a life of their own. AHAHAHAHA.

JayR said...

Sir, she is the female Andre 3000!

Ang profound pala nung previous entry sir, di ako makapagcomment dun. Hehe! :D

will said...

BOTD: Buti na lang naimbento ang iPots kung hindi, magrarounds akong may nakakabit na Walkman!! At isang bag na cassette TAPE. AHAHAHAHAH

Jay-R: AHAHAHAHAH dahil I see this blog crap as my own personal LP/Album, ang entry na yun ang obligatory pretentious.... ballad track! Ahahahahaah