Monday, June 13, 2011

Overheard in the Elevator

True, you don't need to actively eavesdrop while in the elevator, except when people are whispering about suspicious activities, but it's more fun to imagine that you're eavesdropping, because then you feel like you're crouching behind some bushes, and you can write run-on sentences like this. Eavesdropping in the elevator could be quite depressing, as I have eavesdropped a couple of months ago that Elevator Girl gets a much bigger salary. Elevator Girl sounds like a super hero name.

I am suddenly reminded that classes have started because there are now clerkies walking around with excitement. Apparently kuya intern is touring or orienting the newly thrusted clerks as they were going up the elevator. Being a newly-thrusted clerk is a scary state, because I remember the first resident's order I had to carry out in my first ever clinical rotation. I felt totally depressed, conspired against, and... toxic when I saw my first order: For sputum AFB x 3. And whenever I see: Refer to SAPOD... parang guguho ang mundo. Until I became a SAPOD myself years later, and I would not read the damn thick referral forms and just get the name and locations.

So while in the elevator:
Intern: Alam nyo na ba kung paano magbasa ng chart?
Clerkie: (panicked voice) Paano nga namin malalaman kung anong labs ang dapat gawin?
Intern: Ganito lang yun, kapag "FOR serum creatinine", kailangan mo gawin. Pag "FOLLOW-UP serum creatinine", kailangan mo na lang i-follow-up.
Clerkie: Ah. (relieved)

And of course, because everything should be about me and I intend to be inggit of everyone, I am inggit that at this moment this is Clerkie's only concern. I apologize for all my whinifications back in 2004. Hopefully come 2018 I would apologize for my current whinifications, but I doubt it.


BOTD said...

awwww. i miss the simple life of being an estudyante! IKR!

JayR said...

sir, ako ayoko yung gastric AFB 3x and Na, K, Cl na simultaneous catch ng serum at urine sa mga nagwawalang bata!

My first chart scare was:
"SIC to PLEASE drop SAPOD referral NOW" <- (the "now" being underlined thrice) Hehe! galit na galit si resident... from that day narealize kong hindi ako manggaganun sa chart... LALO na kapag shifting in ng mga students.

Sorry sir nagrant na ako. hehe!

(btw my word verification is "cherry")

will said...

BOTD- IKR, simple life!!! mas pipiliin kong mag extract ng sangkatutak na blood kesa mag manage ng.... ZERO ANC! AHAHAHAHAAH. nagigising ako in the middle of the night with a JERK dahil sa... ZERO ANC! AHAHAHAHAH. Pero baka muka lang simple in retrospect, nakaka-annoy pa rin mag dala ng maliit na basket galing NICU na puno ng vials with.... blue cards! AHAAHAHAHAHA. Dapat baguhin na ni Ate Frichmond ang sistema.

Jay-R- Ahoy! Cherry! AHAHAHAHA buti ka pa may sense ang word verification, sakin laging some pointless EBCJE or KDEIOF Ahahahahhahaha. I think dapat ang sapod referral ay one fourth sheet of paper lang with name and location.

Anonymous said...

shiet i miss being a student. ako hate ko mga students na feeling masyadong students pa din walang sense of responsibiltiy/patient care. wala talaga kong pakialam kung umiyak sila *devil horns* grow the eff up pasyente na kaharap mo di trans.

will said...

pasyente na kaharap mo hindi.... TRANS! AHAHAHAAHAHH Winner pwedeng shout out