Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sea

is the title of the second album of one of my favorite artists, Corinne Bailey Rae. The Sea--the body of water--  is something you behold, I am not even sure what the verb to behold means but it just seems like the right word to use in your dealings with something as grand and as magnificent as The Sea. The Sea. I am just thinking of The Sea because it's been months since I've seen or heard or touched or became one with The Sea being washed up instead in worries and rejection, but right now I am imagining waves of water just getting crazy with my face plopping down against it--and I suddenly feel severe facial pain as salty water assaults my nose and the salty water crushes my cribriform plate and the bleeping salty water rolls over directly to my brain to snap me out of this pag-iinarte.

See, if you really want to snap out of whinification, emotional pain, ennui, or just plain mundane inarte, you can do it on your own, and in very few sentences too.


Jay-R said...

WOW sir favorite niyo rin si Corinne Bailey Rae! Ako rin! Hehe! Anyway,I'm thinking more of The Sea too the past days. ANG INIT KASI SA PGH!!!

Nakita ko rin kayo sir sa Sbarro na nagdidinner mag-isa di ko kayo mabati kasi naka-ipod kayo. Nagspaceout ata kayo nun. Hehe!


will said...

heya jay-R! dapat tabing dagat na lang ang PGH para masaya AHAHAHAHAHA.
Di kita nakita sa Sbarro, I must be really really spaced-out (spaced-out na ang default AHAHAHAAH)

HTGOF said...

This is so funny. Not the blog. I mean the imge of you alone spaced out in sbarro. I was gonna say that so didnt snap me out of depression but no it really did

HTGOF said...

For a few seconds

will said...

HTGOF, IKR mas funny and interesting ang mga comments kesa sa blog entry AHAHAHAHAHAH