Saturday, July 9, 2011

Elevator Ahoy

Truly it's quite disheartening that the events I find worth blogging these days happen in the elevator.


And so I went into the elevator in the first floor and who should happen to walk in with me but our favorite Dr. Emeritus Ras Al Ghul and a much younger consultant Chewy. Chewy is quite an authoritative figure himself, but he is dwarfed by the grandeur and all-encompassing power of Ras Al Ghul, hence the rather unimpressive code name Chewy. We all love Ras Al Ghul. Whenever he scolds us in our morning rounds we feel like 5-year olds being admonished by our lolo.

I was going to the 7th floor, so was Chewy, while Ras Al Ghul was going to the 6th.  Ras Al Ghul started to strike a conversation with Chewy.

Ras Al Ghul: Ah, Chewy, sino ba tong consultant na....
Chewy: Yes sir?
Ras Al Ghul: na.... na.... na...
Chewy: Yes sir?
Ras Al Ghul: na... ah....
Chewy: Sir?
Ras Al Ghul: ah...


Chewy: 6th floor na po.
Ras Al Ghul: Ah. Bye.

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