Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Smoketh!

We're taking a break from our regular programming of comic book wet dreaming, hell-owship rants, and nostalgification for that particular time when we weren't such bitter old prunes so we could greet Smoketh a happy birthday! We are henceforth putting on our personalized Cerebras and telepathically sending out our greets and well-wishes to Smoketh, because as Frichmond has so succinctly put it, mawala man tayo sa kalendaryo, tayo ay nasa thermometer pa rin!

And so to our ultimate source of wisdom, our ultimate absorber of rants which are too prurient even for this blog, our ultimate source of blog-worthy material, from whom we learned that we can say "I don't know!" with conviction, from whom we learned that everything can sound good and erudite with proper diction, and from whom we learned that a cherry can transform into a prune and transmogrify back into the most poppable, reddest cherry, we greet ya a very happy birthday!


BOTD said...

echo! echo! echo! all hail to smoketh! hahaha. :P

Walking on Water said...

"everything can sound good and erudite with proper diction" = nanette!

Happy birthday, Smoketh! May your cherry stay crisp, fresh, and constantly popped, ever and ever.

will said...

Ma'am jean, nakakatuwa pero parang nakakastress ang konsepto ng.... CONSTANTLY POPPED! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA