Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mallet and Claw

While quietly reading some comics BOTD messaged me all of a sudden. BOTD has recently quit some high-paying job in the military-industrial complex treating lab tests such as urinalysis with a WBC of 2-4 to prepare for her upcoming downward spiral to hell (ie, residency). Also, she has taken up some side job from The Man, encoding rheuma charts of the past decades for some database or something.

The BOTD has alerted me that what should be one of the charts she was encoding but my entries back when I was an intern rotating in the rheuma OPD.
"Intense. 2 pages ang history!" she exclaimed. "And for more, meron pa sa physical examination na... (+) mallet finger!!! AHAHAHAHAAH!"

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, i replied. But in my head: Why the heck would I write a two page history? And for more, what the fuck is a (+) mallet finger? More appropriately, is there really such a thing as a mallet finger, and if so, what the fuck is a mallet finger?! I have degenerated so much quite shamefully that I probably wouldn't know a mallet finger from a claw something. See, I can't even complete it, just claw something.

Recently I've been seeing a lot of Mrs. Therese doing her rheuma rounds in Pay, and she would sometimes regale me with their complicated, mind-boggling cases. Truly it must be one of the more difficult fields of med, because more than anything it would require a special sort of astuteness. I've developed quite a high degree of astuteness back in residency, but it is degenerating quickly, and rapidly plummeting to hell of paranoia. The paranoia that everything, absolutely everything... is cancer.


BOTD said...

i think i know the reason for the intensity of the chart entry...kasi...may consultant non...with Lola P at the helm!

and to is a mallet finger pictuuuuuure!!!!!

Rheuma Jr. said...

Astuteness? Willy, come on! Di kailangan ng astuteness, all you need is an imaginative mind with the ability to make "mental sommersaults" as one of my seniors had put in. Kung astuteness lang, how did I get in?!!! You'd fit right in! Curious ako kung sino si BOTD...