Friday, July 8, 2011


Smoketh is on some kind of leave, so we've been imagining her doing all sorts of weird stuff in Cebu. Except as I was rushing back to the dorm after I escaped the OPD who should I see sitting in one corner but.... Smoketh. Apparently she has to do some stuff for her researches, so just after a couple of days she's back. I dragged her outside to eat a sandwich, then left her so I could nap for five minutes. Napping is the best way to deal with clinginess, sense of entitlement, and the general annoyance of things, which generally characterize my daily routine. And whinification, just like that sentence, don't forget whinification.

Amazingly I was able to finish all the things I had to do while the sun was still up and I was able to join Smoketh and The Daw for dinner. 
"Let's look for cheap spaghetti," Smoketh said.
"Noodle Boy. It's swimming in oil," I said. "Now that I know I don't have retained stones I want to guzzle bottles and bottles of nefarious oil."
"It's Sbarro then," Smoketh said. 

Still file under: No Wage So Whine About Poverty we ordered for the first time some budget meal with a slice of cheese pizza and spaghetti and a cuplet of iced tea. We consumed the damn thing in two seconds.
"Lalo akong nagutom," I said.
"I want to eat more cheese," Smoketh said.

So we went out and bought from the food court stalls some corn and fries with cheese and barbecue powder. Flavored powder is fantastic, and we can make fake pizza with cheese powder, bread, and ketchup. In the midst of it all The Daw was ruminating on her plans for residency. Smoketh was ruminating on whether she should spend her remaining leave outdoors or smoke pot in their attic for one whole week. I was ruminating on where to get my next meal.

After her week-long leave was done I asked Smoketh what fun things she did.
“I stayed in bed for four days,” Smoketh said.
“Did you have sex while in bed?” I asked.
“I stayed in bed for FOUR days,” Smoketh replied.
“I see. So, did you fuck while in bed?” I asked.
And so on until everyone got bored and we left Shrine Motherfucker 1.


BOTD said...

i miss smf1!

will said...

like right now, may bunch of students occuping all 4 SMF's!

Anonymous said...

this was so long ago. but its still us. -smoketh