Friday, July 8, 2011

Whiners, Inc.

Morning rounds in pay would be quite boring if not for my batchmates also roundsing for their specific subspecs who make it a point to make me feel that you don't have the world on your shoulders, you're not the only one developing rickets and all sorts of vitamin deficiency from eating too much pancit canton stop this infernal whinification. The other perspective, the one I'm taking more often, however, is that they all make it a point to share in the whining for one all-powerful MK unified whining. Because if we whine high-pitchedly enough and whine more often enough and unabatedly whine loud enough in solidarity the whines would cross the space-time continuum to a parallel universe where there is a unified group of whiners called Whiners, Inc.

Because we've come to realize that hellowship is not fun by any stretch of the imagination. Unlike residency which is 70% work and 30% lounging around in the callroom or going out with your fun batchmates spending your huge salary, hellowship is just zombified work. So much zombified, mechanical work, that having friends and enjoying socialization are just huge bonuses, but for the most part it is something we just need to go through and finish so we can proceed to the deeper circles of hell. 

Smoketh and I have tried to make a list of present hell-ows enjoying their present state of being hell-ows. Marth has been scratched off, as he has been looking genuinely distressed the past few weeks and to his credit his whines are telepathic; Renrerenrenrenren has been walking like a kuba with dragging of the feet to further illustrate being a kuba with dragging of the feet; Frichmond, Smoketh, Uni-Horned Beef Jerky Alanis Whore, Tessieloopagooparoop and I are the touchstones of Whiners, Inc. so definitely not us. We have therefore concluded that only ONE person is genuinely enjoying hell-owship, and for that we applaud him, and for that we shall out his enjoyment to the world and use his real name and not his usual code name, and that person is:

Lowe Chiong. 
You bad ass motherfucker.


BOTD said...

whine whine whine. it's free and abundant so why not? AHAHAHAHAHA. buth nakakapagod din kaya. ahahahaha. so mag fake AHAHAHAHAHAHA nalang tayo. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. the world is a happy place. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *vomits* AHAHAHAHAHA.

will said...

oo nga and at least AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ay pwedeng itype. ang whining ay wala pang perfect onomatopoeia