Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brown Envelope

While thumb twiddling in the elevator hoping that the day would end soon (it wouldn't, it was just 9 am), who should come in when the elevator doors opened but.... The Daw! The Daw was visibly frantic, because she had to take a second look at my smirking face before she recognized me. Before she could make up some excuse (ie, "Errr, I am just here for my annual colonoscopy"), I immediately pointed out: "Whattup, The Daw, is that.... a brown envelope full of requirements you're carrying?!?"

Brown envelopes rule, because they can carry papers and stuff, but they are also a status of transit. Ooooh, pretentious. In my wilderness year back in 2006 when I've just passed the med boards and was trying to make some money in moonlighting I realized that I felt like a total aplikante as I rode jeepney rides after jeepney rides going from one clinic or hospital to the next for a fucking raket carrying, what else, a brown envelope.

The wilderness year, for all the sense of streamlessness it has brought, still had its blessings and... craptastic joy. For instance, I was thankful for that gig in the clinic in Enchanted Kingdom. Well not really, it bored the crap out of me. Or maybe it was still some sort of a blessing, because I got to read a boatload of books and comicbooks while sitting in the clinic waiting for someone to be wheeled in after getting dizzy from Space Shuttle (a.k.a. Post-Ride Vertigo, what the hell right). In what was supposedly the only exciting moment the friend (who was also a doctor) of a patient who got a "Post-Ride Vertigo" said:

"Baka nag-aarrhythmia na sya!!!!!"

She wasn't having an arrhythmia. She was just having.... a post-ride vertigo.


BOTD said...

It is indeed correcth and accurate. ang masasabi ko lang ay AKO! AKO NA! Ako ang nag-aarrythmia. the moment I entered the shore! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

will said...

AHAHAAAHHAHAH talagang na-connect ang arrhythmia ahahahahahahahahahhhaha. Malapit na ang.... SHORE!

BOTD said...

ahahahaha! IKR! ahahaha. pero seriously...totoo pala yung PRV? AHAHAHA. PRV as in post ride vertigo? hahahahahaha.

will said...

ewan ko sa kanila, malay ko kung nasa ICD talaga yun ahahahahahahahahahahha

HTGOF said...

The wilderness year. Uso daw siya ngayon sa mga generation namin (fine! Natin!) na spoiled, addicted sa internet, may adhd, and refuses to grow up. HAHA!