Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A few weeks ago my parents visited me and brought me dinner. Home cooked meals are precious and always a welcome change from the Jollibee/Wow Ulam/COOP trifecta, more so in this era of abject poverty. Precious does not even cut it, GOLDEN is more like it. I ate the longganisa with rice from the disposable container which I threw out afterwards, but kept the Tupperware from which I slurped ginisang monggo. Having no ref or microwave I slurped half of the ginisang monggo cold and kept the rest. Everything was fun and golly gee.
          Except a few days ago, when what should I discover, among the rubble of my table, covered amongst totally unrelated things (books, pens, X-Files DVD, chemo drugs, wood shavings, Smurfs Happy Meal action figure)…. but The Tupperware containing the half-eaten monggo. I then remembered, it has been two weeks. Either the seal is fantastic, or I have NPCA.
          With much trepidation I opened the damn cover and discovered…. froth. Occupying the entire fucking Tupperware. The smell is of course horrendous. I immediately threw the crap out and swished swished swished the Tupperware in tap water. Fantastically the smell and the bubbles sort of disappeared… even without soaping! So I immediately put the cover back on. And threw the damn thing back amongst the books, pens, X-Files DVD, chemo drugs, wood shavings, and Smurfs Happy Meal action figure.
            Ibabad mo yan sa kumukulong tubig for one day, Smoketh and Frichmond have succinctly admonished.
           Sometimes I wish I were a better person. Because while other blogs talk about touching patient encounters and such I talk about... fucking anaerobic craptastic bula.


BOTD said...

tsugihin na ang tupperware....or ibabad sa isang galong.....sterilium or cidex!!!!!! wahahaha.

but bula is much more fun than 7th heaven ahahahaha

NSJK said...

lest you forget, may hardboiled egg ka pa kay Mrs. T. na hindi mo pa daw kine-claim up to now! she brought it pa naman for you as comfort food. baka pati yun maging bula... @_@

will said...

BOTD: natawa ko nang husto sa.... 7th heaven!!!!! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHA

NSJK: oo nga sinabi nya kanina sa pay, it's been sitting there for 2 days na daw!!!

Walking on Water said...

Namiss ko kumain ng munggo tuloy.

Charles said...

monggo's a fave. it can really make you feel domestic kasi you can't but it at fastfood chains. i even walked out of an upselling waitress in Greenbelt when I asked her if they served monggo. She had to make me repeat myself coz she obviously thought I was looking for the wrong meal at the wrong resto.