Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Greater Depths

In the midst of all this bitterness over the tragedy that our lives have turned into (exaggerated of course, we don't want to sound ungrateful for our blessings but we must keep up a veneer of whinified distress), Smoketh and I have sighed that truly we wish we were born with a silver spoon rammed down our throats. Of course Smoketh herself was born with a silver spoon and 6 bronze kanyons, but we are referring to those people who were born with a silver spoon, went to college, took up medicine, got married, went places, and still, after all those years, still have the fucking silver spoons epoxied to their ngala-ngalas. Truly it takes a whole lot of luck, intelligence, and great decision-making skills to maintain that thing you could perpetually suck on.

"Yayaman kaya tayo," Smoketh inquired as she guzzled in an extremely saccharine alcoholic drink.
"Rest assured that if I get rich, I will buy you.... a tub of green tea ice cream."

A common friend immediately popped in our heads. We realized that he is the perfect example of being born with a silver spoon and maintained it through sheer intelligence and more silver spoons.
"He does not only have a silver spoon," Smoketh enthused. "He also has all sorts of silverware."
"And soup," I said.
"And salad, bread and butter, salmon sushi, five main courses, palate cleansers, desserts," Smoketh whined.
"And post-dessert coffee, post-coffee mints, lur, post-lur mints, and crystal water," I said with finality.

See if you choose to you can always sink yourself further into the greater depths of depression.


BOTD said...

sabi nga ni Ate Shawie...bukas luluhod ang mga yayaman tayong lahaaaaat! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

will said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA except si sharon ay may talent at nanalo sya ng record contract dun or something

BOTD said...

well...elelel. may talent kaya tayo... humorous ranting. ndi lahat ng nagrarant...nakakatawa! AHAHAHAHAHA.

Walking on Water said...

What's LUR?

Si Ate Shawie ay bituing walang ningning na pasan ang buong daigdig. Kalurky yung Smokey Mountain scenes nya.

will said...

ma'am jean, it's what you almost bought when you crossed taft when it got to stressful in the office, and you realized you didn't bring any money with you ahahahah

HTGOF said...

In other news, wala pa ba nagtatayo ng golden spoon sa manila area? Dun tayo sa next ft i want peanut butter ice cream yummey! In other news again, ang conflicting ng med kasi you want to have your return of investment and yet a monetary ROI cheapens the experience when you already have enough money.

ANL said...

May kilala din akong ganito.pareho ba tayo ng iniisip? Ahahhaha.Sino sya?