Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, Powergirl

One of the casualties in the blasted DC Comics relaunch is Powergirl. To recap: Powergirl is the parallel Earth version of Supergirl, but her Earth's Superman has died in Infinite Crisis. For over two years she has grown from a joke of a character popular for her magnificent boob window, to one who is a well-respected completely fleshed out heroine.

In the final issue of Powergirl, a villain gives her only one minute to address the following crises: 1. save the old people in the leaning tower of pisa which is being attacked by a villain or 2. save a "useless girl fishing for a useless fish" or 3. save one of her fellow heroines. Of course Powergirl makes a way to save everyone in just one minute. This is a FANTASTIC issue, made more fantastic only by this scene showing the fishing girl being menaced by a z-list villain:


And Powergirl successfully saves the kid!!! With just 12 seconds to spare!

And thanks the whole fishing community at that!!!

Good bye, Powergirl. May you live once more in the upcoming DC Relaunch, and we hope to see more of you in the Philippines!


Anonymous said...

omg. we are in the comic map of the world! utmost flattery! i would think that charlene gonzales who wanted to be supergirl back in her miss universe days would be very happy to find that her heroine speaks our native tongue!


smoketh (paninigarilyo-etch, like P-G-etch)

JayR said...

WHOA sir! amazing to! post natin sa tumblr. Hehe!

Anonymous said...

GALIIIING!!! hahahaha exag ang boobs niya though.

Walking on Water said...

San mo nakuha yan? Is that for real?

- Ms. Gullible

will said...

Smoketh: yes we are! sa dami ng pinoy artists lagi tayong may special mention!

Jay R: let us!

HTGOF: apparently the boob window signifies... her emptiness. as opposed to the "S" emblem of Supergirl and Superman.

Ma'am Jean: It's in the final issue of this comic book! I download them for more katipiran!

kaye said...

hindi ba siya nahihirapan lumipad sa laki ng boobs niya? hehehe.

naaliw ako sa tagalog translation. hihi!

Anonymous said...

in fairness ang deep talaga ng comics!

John Calica said...

For realz? I is just saying I shoulds have been reading comic books 'cos this is majorly whacked men! Baki pala ako nagma-malabong ghetto speak? Hahaha

will said...

ahahahahaha ghettong ghetto