Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello, Simone Bianchi, What Were You Thinking

Since nobody in the vicinity ever reads comic books these days I resort to comic book message boards and podcasts like a sorry attic dwelling pathetic crap. During the round table interview with all the consultants in the subspecialty application last year I was asked what I do in my spare time.

"I read comic books!" I said.
"Wow! What kind?" consultant HS asked. He seemed genuinely enthusiastic. There's hope here, I thought.
"DC and Marvel," I said.
"Ay, mainstream," HS tsk-tsked.
"Comic books in your spare time?" the chair asked. "But you could read a comic book in FIVE MINUTES."
"Yes, but you see, in a month they release over NINE Batman titles," I explained. "There's Batman, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Birds of Prey...." at which point they all zoned out and decided it's probably time to call the next applicant.

My favorite comic book podcast is Awesomed By Comics by the husband-wife team of Evie and Aaron. Evie is described as having an adult-onset superhero comic book habit, who confessed that she got into comic books because of a boy. So there is hope for everyone. The format of the show is they give weekly awards to the comic book releases for the week, such as Hero of the Week, Cover of the Week, and such, but my favorite is Crap of the Week.

In the Crap of the Week a couple of weeks ago Evie declared that her choice is Psylocke's outfit in Uncanny X-Force as illustrated by Simone Bianchi. Aaron described that in this outfit Psylocke's labia (aka beef flaps) could spill out. I follow X-Men related titles whenever I can, but I have not seen the latest issue of X-Force at this point, so surely this is reason enough to look for the damn issue! And here it is, ladies and gentlemen, just when I thought it was an exaggeration, here is Psylocke beef flaps and all:

Anybody interested in this for the next team-building?


Rommel Bataclan said...

That's why I like White Queen. Her costume is sexy yet still leaves something in my imagination!

Walking on Water said...

Oh my, beef flaps indeed! Beef flaps that look like, hmmmm, jamaican patties! Ahahaha

HTGOF said...

She has a disproportionately laege singit!!

JayR said...

sir, pwede siya manganak ng itlog ng dinosaur sa ganitong kalaking labia. nagagaya na pala kita sir. AHAHAHAHAHA!

will said...

ahahahahahhahaah great inputs on psylocke's labia! and singit. giant jamaican patties that can luwal dinosaur eggs!

Anonymous said...

hahaahahahaha!!!! teambuilding costume!!!!


will said...

game aubs! high cut in the middle!!!