Saturday, October 22, 2011


On a regular consult with my pediatrician many many many many years ago, she took out a prescription pad and outlined to me my career options. I was in grade 6, and she was already concerned about my career. Maybe she sensed that I have The Force, or at least a potential, or potentials, but I wasn't pleased in any case because what she didn't sense was what I really wanted to be. And that is... to be extremely obese and hairy and smelly and have my own action figure and comic book shop where I would regale my customers with endless comic book tidbits dating back to the 30's! And do comic book podcasts on the side.

So she wrote down: LAW. And beside it: four years college, four years law proper.
And then she wrote MEDICINE. Four years college, five years medicine proper, three years residency, two years fellowship= 14 FUCKING YEARS. She did not write the word FUCKING, but she might as well have to stress the point. She should have underlined "14", encircled it, highlighted it, drew asterisks and stars and encircled it again many many times, just so I would get the point. The blasted point. That 14 years are bleeping long. I could have had a child at the beginning and he would now be in high school. I could have started drinking heavily at the onset and now have cirrhosis. That long.

In all fairness to her, she did tell me directly, "Wag ka na mag-doktor."

Kids, you should really really really listen to your elders.


BOTD said...

ahooooy at nasa 13 going on 14 ka na! lapit naaaaa. kami ay nasa 10 palang ahahahaha. :)

the elders do have a lot of wisdoooom! :)

will said...

13 going on 14! ahahahahah pwedeng title ng pelikula ng the hells of hellowship.

HTGOF said...

Malapit na! Yeah. The elders. Serioso pala sila.

will said...

ahahahah and can i just say HTGOF that I thought i was having an hallucination when I heard that deep, velvety voice of yours this morning, "SIR WILL!" Ahoy! Welcome back to the shore!

NSJK said...

You are someone
Older and wiser
Telling us what to do
You are 13 going on 14
We'll depend on you....

will said...

ahoy NSJK! kamusta! talagang nangamusta sa blog comments ahahahaha. but you are now... a consultant! speaking of which i need to consult you for something,i think I have parkinsons ahahahahaha

Callistus Netromedev said...

you never go old in school