Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Would Like To Commend The Daw

For treating us to Jollibee!!!

And she really meant the treat, too. In fact, she went out of her way to wake me up and suggest ways on how I could drag myself out of bed, and has regaled us with inside information on the seedy goings on in the recently concluded Internal Medicine tribal council/rose ceremony. And for more, she treated us to Jollibee because she is now back to the shore, where she would be swimming, fighting for fish and lumot to eat, evading sharks, and interacting with piranhas for the next 3-5 years. Congratulations, The Daw, you have toiled to near-craziness for the past year to get where you are, and as Smoketh has told me in 2007 when I got accepted into the program, "Welcome to pseudo-hell!"

For 3 years I had no idea why it was called "pseudo-hell". The concept of a pseudo-hell is difficult to grasp to begin with, because I don't know where the word pseudo comes in, and I sure don't think the demons I've met along the way were "pseudo". They felt quite genuinely demonic, thank you very much.

So I don't know why Smoketh had called it pseudo-hell. Until I graduated into... fellowship, or more appropriately, HELLOWSHIP! Ahoy! Fires a'blazin, nude demons prancing galore!

So to quote Smoketh again, who should be commended herself for her precognitive abilities because she wasn't even in hellowship when she originally said this, "Welcome to Pseudo-Hell!"


BOTD said...

thanks!!!!! :) hahahaha.

will said...

haba! ahahahahahha

HTGOF said...

congratulation HELLIZA!!

BOTD said...

talagang congratulation...walang S? ahahahahaha. thank you! :) haha. kelan tayo jojollibee? ndi ka kasi nakapunta? next week nalang. :)

will said...

i would just like to reiterate that the name HELLIZA is a winner. Pwedeng pangalan ng isang super villain. Super villain ni Wonder Woman.

BOTD said...

hahaha! ang aking inner CTB ay napangalanan na. ahahahaha. :P