Monday, November 7, 2011


Chanced upon Supervillainess Helliza and HTGOF in Shrine Motherfucker 1. Strangely Shrine Motherfucker 1 is quite devoid of people, probably because it's sem break. Having run out of blogs to ridicule and having exhausted all valid points on being cat or dog people Helliza brought up something out of the left field.

Helliza: Special Agent Fox Mulder, why not date Smoketh? Smoketh: Because it would be incest and that would be gross.
Helliza wouldn't be stopped. She was on full supervillainess mode tonight.
Helliza: HTGOF, why not date Special Agent Fox Mulder?

Back in clerkship while I was on duty in the OB admitting section I was tasked to monitor the cervical cancer garden. All of a sudden a patient sadly went on code and I had to scream code and had to do the chest pumping and stuff in the area beside the patient rest room. As we were conducting the code a pregnant patient happened to be walking out from the rest room. She saw the events, and she immediately fainted. I was at the time being relieved by Helga in doing the chest compression, and, being a bibo-bibohan busy-busyhan clerk who should never be caught not doing anything, I leaped to the fainting patient and caught her in my arms. In pure nervousness at what she has just experienced not only did she faint, but she fucking crapped. All over the floor, and all over my pants.

In the two seconds that it took me to shift from being quietly bewildered and mortified to letting out a bloodcurdling scream as I stared at the human crap on my pants, my interns and residents said that my facial expression was such that it was so contorted that it could not be described. That is, it could not be described back in 2004.

Because now it CAN be properly described! It is exactly akin to the facial expression of HTGOF when Supervillainess Helliza suggested us dating! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And for that we give HTGOF's facial expression.... the prestigious 2011 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Awards! All together now: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH!


BOTD said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. hindi nga maipinta ang mga mukha nyo on my crazy suggestion. pasensya na. ahahahaha. have nothing left to pair. AHAHAHA. parang bluetooth devices! WAHAHAHAHAHA.

will said...

AHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA hindi maipinta is the perfect description ahahahahahahahahha AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

Allison Quicoy said...

I want a picture! Hahaha.

But, to stay on topic here: WHY NOT? Hahahaha.

BOTD said...

see? I have kakampi! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

will said...

ahahahahahaha AHAHAHHAAHHA dapat talaga laging nakahanda ang camera!

HTGOF said...

oi ang sama niyo i just farted in amazement then tried hiding the smell by distracting you with my facial expression!!!!!!!

BOTD said...

HTGOF: WEH? ahahahaha. see you mamaya!