Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chocolate Coins. In A Net!

I was looking for Smores in the supermarket because just five years ago Smores was available even in Mini-Stop but now you can't seem to find it anywhere. It's relatively cheap, maybe because most of the bar is taken up by a more pedestrian marshmallow. This is one of those posts being typed after skipping a meal, about an event that happened after skipping a meal. I heard from someone that you should eat a full meal before going to the supermarket to lower your purchasing desires, so it was probably not a good idea that I went there after a weekend of roundsing.

So there was no Smores. And for more, I've remembered that rent was due today, so I had exactlly P50 to spend in the supermarket. Fun fun fun. Back in college Mrs. Therese and I had this Comm 2 (COMM 2! AHAHAHAHA!) activity where we had to go to the mall and spend only fifty bucks each. It was apparently a training for FP, ie, Future Poverty.

And what should I see but... chocolate coins. In gold foil! Chocolate coins in gold foil in a small net (lambat) have been a source of comfort in my childhood, because they are just so golly gee whiz cool. But they have to be in a net. The Goya Chocolate Coins are in a regular plastic wrapper. I nevertheless got it and consumed the whole thing in a few minutes. It would have been more fun if they were in a lambat, but poverty precludes such kaartehan.

Come to think of it, poverty precludes so much kaartehan in life, making you realize that they are, indeed, just kaartehan. For instance, I used to buy a lot of brand new fiction books in National or Powerbooks. I would say that ooooh I love the smell of the paper of a freshly printed book! So if I see for instance, a downloadable soft copy of The Marabou Stork Nightmares, or a Booksale copy of Raise High The Roof Beams Carpenters, I would scoff that I would just buy a brand new copy because of the smell of the fresh ink and paper of a brand new book! KAARTEHAN! And the hard cover ones, those with the jagged edges, they are so quaint and I love them so! KAARTEHAN! Or an expensive pen with point something specifications, because the pen dictates thought processes and my thought processes would only be as smooth as the way the pen runs on paper. KAARTEHAN!!!!

You were right, parents, you were right.


BOTD said...

goya coins!!!!!! favorite ko yung pagkakain mo ibabalik mo yung wrapper na parang coin sya ulit. parang ndi kinain ahahahahaha.

hay. when you are poorita don't go sa grocery kasi depressing. kelangan i downgrade lahat. kung dati 3 pancit canton....1 na lang....kung dating purefoods ang corned beef na malaki....yung pinakamaliit na at ang brand na ay....supersavers or yung hot buys ba yun sa savemore. ahahaha.

at kung dati'y totoong libro...ngayon ay....PDF EBOOK download ....with emphasis on google search term na.....FREE! ahahahaahahahahahaha.

HTGOF said...

Kasi yung mga kaartehan nireregalo pero pag for real use na pilot pen na lang anuba. Nabili ko na pasalubong niyo wala kaartehan lang siya pero murang kaartehan hahahaha.

BOTD said...

yay pasalubong!!!!!! don't forgeth our real swiss chocolate ahahahahaha. :P

Allison Quicoy said...

"Come to think of it, poverty precludes so much kaartehan in life, making you realize that they are, indeed, just kaartehan." - So true hahahaha.

Curly tops pa din ako. Hahaha.

will said...

Yes to curly tops! Yes also to swiss chocolates! Yes to cheap food, and yes to FREE food!!!

Walking on Water said...

Chocnut! And yes, free food. Even if they're worth some burning of the soul in the hellfires of entaglement and all that chorva!

will said...

agree, ma-burn na ang soul from entanglement wag lang ang bulsa ahahahahahha joooooooke (not really) joooooke (not really)

Sandra said...

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JayR said...

flat tops ang the best! walang sinabi ang snickers. hehe!

will said...

yes Sandra, I would like to gold chocolate coins as well.

Jay-R! Walang binatbat ang snickers sa curly/flat tops! Wala! ahahahaa

Lalaloo said...

Gold chocolate coins! I love that.
Tarzan the bubble gum
Pritos ring
Chocnut na ginagawang braces ang foil
LALA the chocolate bar. Na ngayon ay may ube flavor na rin (di ko naman kinakain)
Memories of childhood...

will said...

haloo lalaloo! must search for that Lala the chocolate bar! AHAHAHAHAHHAHA winner. mag blog na ulit!:)

John Calica said...

Ang ginagawa ko sa gold coins na yan, ibinabalot ko sa ipin ko after yung wrapper, para mukha akong galing saudi. Hahaha

And poverty does preclude kaartehan :)