Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thymes and The Lochia

Met Thymes and Lochia for dinner in kantunan last night. Eat-outs with these people are few and far between so we had to catch-up with all the stories really fast and put up three threads of conversation at the same time.

Thymes has been mentioned quite frequently in this blog. A few years ago while walking along Orosa Lloydie saw the two of us walking together. In the middle of the street, with lots of people around, Lloydie asked, "Nag-sex kayo?" We just shrugged. Last year Thymes was the star in their section's dance extravaganza where she played a demon who made sampa over one of her male co-fellows' shoulders. Presently Thymes is an incoming senior fellow in the section of cardiology, or as her t-shirt last night said, Cardiologist ng Bayan.

The other cardiologist ng bayan is Lochia. Lochia has not always been known as Lochia. He has earlier been known in this blog as Pyro, but eventually JD-Lu has christened him Lochia and until now I call him Lochia in real life. Lochia is popular for his powerful, remarkable lines such as "Ako ang pinakamakapangyarihang doktor sa ospital na ito ngayong gabi!" and "Ang katulong ba na lumayas, pag bumalik ay tatanggapin pa ng amo?" Truly nothing is more powerful than Lochia, and we should affix an article in his name and call him The Lochia.

We retired to Whore House. Thymes brought up that as she was watching the incoming fellows' interviews she felt a little sheepish as she remembered her own answers then. When asked "Why cardiology?" the current applicants would say the usual but not necessarily untrue stuff such as "to serve; no cardiologist in our provice; etc". Thymes remembered her answer two years ago, which she has said with such deep earnestness. Why cardiology? Thymes: Because it's glamorous!

We then asked The Lochia what his answer last year was. Truly The Lochia must have never failed to astound. This was The Lochia's answer to the question: Why cardiology?

The Lochia: (in front of the top cardiologists of the country) I've been thinking about that question since last night, because I knew you were going to ask that question. But you know what, cardiology is not the question. It is... the answer.

*slow clap* *slow clap* *slow clap* *slow clap*


BOTD said...

CLAAAAAAAP! ahahahaha. :P panalo rin ang reply niya sa facebook. :)

Allison Quicoy said...

Hahaha winner ang codenames nyo talaga! :))

Anonymous said...


Walking on Water said...

Wahahaha! Panalo!
BTW, Lochia was disappointed during last year's interview. Kasi he was prepared to sing for a talent portion that never happened.

Will, please blog about Thymes going to PGH to make rounds at Pay wearing pek-pek shorts. That's legendary.:-)

NSJK said...

if cadiology is the answer, what is the question? @_@

Jundegs said...

hahahaha! naalala ko tuloy yung song na pinrepare ni Lochica... Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat!

will said...

BOTD: reply saan? saan? must read!

Kiki: si JD alcaraz ang nagbansag ng lochia. naisip lang nya habang naglalakad kami sa MOA. Uy rhyme.

Anonymous: Ahahahahahhaha

Mam Jean: naikwento nga nya yung kanyang pekpek rounds ahahahahhahha karakter talaga ang mga cardio

NSJK: sabi nya, "why did you go to IM?" for cardio! "why did you go to med school?" for cardio? "to college?" for cardio! and so on until elementary.

Sir Jun: Lucky! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH doble kara

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha we want more lochia stories!!!!!

BOTD said...

sa status ni maam jean about the buses and the trains. ahahahaha.

Walking on Water said...

I echo HTGOF's sentiment: WE WANT MORE LOCHIA STORIES! Ahahaha, gusto ko yung, "Di ito talk show".