Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Call To Single Women

With tears streaming down my face (OA!) I've put up some of my beloved action figures for sale in an action figure message boards. If these plastic toys would ever have the opportunity to save me and be actually useful in the real sense (because just looking pretty and cool in the eskaparate don't count), they would have to be converted into something I can eat. After randomly typing some of the toys I thought I would never have any love lost for, in no more than five minutes my phone started ringing off the hook. Apparently people are just staring at their computers constantly clicking refresh waiting for these things to come up.

"How much is brown Wolverine?"
"Binenta mo ng P1,200 ang Sentinel?! Bibilhin ko yan nang P2,000!"
"Hindi po ba maluwag ang left ankle ni Magneto?"
"Please, please, please, please PLEASE! Manggagaling pa po ako ng Nueva Ecija!!!"

With no plan, no entrepreneural skills, not even a list of actual price for each action figure, I totally went insane. In ten minutes I snagged my first good deal and it was decided we would meet the following week. And who should walk in amid the phone calls and the tears but Smoketh herself.

"Delete your message board post! DELETE IT! We have to plan this!!!" Smoketh admonished. I told Smoketh I've already made my first deal and I would meet with darthvader92 in Pedro Gil this Monday. And then we synchronistically realized that who should benefit the most from this series of eyeballs but Smoketh herself because as she had so clearly enthused,

Smoketh: I can meet boys!!!!!

And thus was a new deal forged: Smoketh would give me marketing advice, and she could tag along in all of these meet-ups where she would meet prospective future husbands with addictive personalities who go by monickers such as haduken! and apu nahasapeemapetilon. 

Tag along, single ladies!