Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nega Eight-Month Reportage

On the status of DC comics, that is. We are 8 issues in since the relaunch, and it is with much conviction that I declare that the September reboot is a total failure. It feels great that I was right all along, but at the same time annoying that there is nothing good to read. Batman by Scott and Gregg is fairly entertaining, only because compared to the other characters the status of Batman has been pretty constant and not as encumbered by years of continuity. Of the main titles Superman and Justice League would have to be the ultimate worst in all aspects of comichood. Aquaman has been fairly decent, but Geoff writes the character as quite a defensive douchebag who has to explain himself all the time with too much meta-commentaries. Wonder Woman as always is weighed down by too much mythology, but I would have to agree that over the decades she has been the most difficult to write, but what is up with the silver tiara and bracelets. Let us not get started on the atrocities that are The Savage Hawkman, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Mr. Terrific. I've always thought Gail Simone has been pretty much overrated, and this Batgirl relaunch is the ultimate proof, with eight issues of Barbara Gordon lamenting and whining and such about her Killing Joke incident and how she feels so inadequate blather blather blather. Add to that the difficulty of having to work out the continuity, which does matter, specially when you have rebooted characters and stories interacting with non-rebooted characters and stories such as Birds of Prey, Green Lantern, Batman, and Red Hood and the Outlaws. Ooooh, such positive vibes on a Saturday night.

On the bright side, there is now more time to do other stuff. More time to write. More time to read what other people write. More time to watch cartoons. And those things called textbooks and guidelines, I might actually be able to start reading them. In fact I actually did start to read them, and they are boring as hell. While having dinner with JJL, Tessieloopagooparoop, Gracielou, and Uni-Horned Beef Jerky Alanis Whore we've discussed the matter of having to actually study.

"Colon cancer guidelines," I said. I actually went to the college library that afternoon for 2 reasons: the airconditioning, and after months of not seeing patients I have totally forgotten everything.
Tessieloopagoop said something about some strange leukemia case.
It was JJL's turn.
"Nagbabasa ako sa Brenner ng comparison ng ihi ng rats at ng mice," JJL said, annoyed. "Ano ba ang pinagkaiba ng rats at ng mice?!"

We continued eating pizza.


BOTD said...

malaki ang rats at maliit ang mice. syempre sinagot ko ang tanong ni JJL! ahahaha.

at mas kadiri ung tail nung rats. ahahaha.

will said...

Buti pa ang rats walang stress ahahahaha

Anonymous said...