Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Opened My Eyes And It's A Lovely Day! (Bulalas Portion Part 2!)

This is the 2nd part of my two-part nonsense entry about the Strangeland Keane concert. To recap, in the first part I've discussed the following points (in a jeje manner):
1. That the SM Mall of Asia Arena is a culinary destination.
2. That I've whined and keened and wailed my way to watch the concert.
3. That Helliza thinks the concert is for depression portion.
4. That a mysterious character named F5 has arrived and who knew if we would see her again.

Finally at around 9:30 the band arrived and sang You Are Young, from their latest album Strangeland. Whenever a song from this album was being played the Strangeland wall decor would light up. We were ecstatic, except that from our seats we really couldn't recognize Tom and the gang. We made googly-eyes with the ushers and hoped they would let us go down to the lower box. To no avail. Keane played on. The setlist was shaping up to be identical to all their setlists during this Asian leg of the Strangeland tour. I've researched it beforehand. As with most artists whenever they would sing some of their older, more familiar songs the audience would get wilder and sing along more. In pure snootiness I've declared to myself that I wouldn't have that problem--I knew all the songs from Hopes and Fears, Under The Iron Sea, Perfect Symmetry, Night Train, and Strangeland! And then they sang Spiralling, making me tick off one of the things in my bucket list which is to scream "OOOOOOOW!" in a live performance of Spiralling.

By the time they were playing Stop For A Minute the ushers asked us to go down the lower box. There was a point when the band played the less popular, mellower songs in succession (Your Eyes Open, Try Again, Strangeland...) that I was afraid the audience's interest might die down a little, until they played a song I couldn't quite put a finger on, a familiar song that wasn't quite in any of the albums but a song that I really really like, and then the entire arena realized that they were playing... Snowed Under! Snowed Under is a B-side track from the Hopes and Fears album, and is in fact the song from which the title was lifted, "someone to understand your hopes and fears!" We went wild, and HTGOF had the misfortune of sitting beside me. AHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHA AHAHAHA! But the crowd experienced the highest euphoria at Somewhere Only We Know. And Bedshaped had that strange effect of making me want to drink spiked Kool-Aid, and should therefore be inducted in my list of Kool-Aid songs.

I left the arena extremely elated, except that the rain was pouring down hard. We lined up for taxi, and who should be right in front of us in the queue but... F5. 
"Meant to be kayo," HTGOF said.
"Yes, pero meant to be kayo ni Bonetelya," I said.

To this day Bonetelya is still in the arena taking pictures of himself. 


HTGOF said...

yes. but he is taking pics in gen ad. AHAHAHAHA!!!

will said...

ahahahahah ahahahhaha ahahahahhahaa!

will said...

ahahahahah ahahahhaha ahahahahhahaa!