Monday, October 22, 2012


There are few unalterable truths in life, like if you stay up until 1am and turn to WOWOW back in 1998 you would see a Japanese guy doing a Japanese girl with all the sensitive parts and points of contact strangely pixelated. For more, here are MORE unalterable truths in life, and because we are in a nega mode these are mostly unalterable... annoyances!

1. The waiter's elbow or forearm will always brush against your straw as he reaches for something from your table.

2. I have horrible luck in raffles. I only won once in my life. It was during the Mini-Olympics when I was in grade 3. My name was the first one picked from the bowl. I thought I would get the major prize--the board game Scribbage. I quickly ran in front excited to get my Scribbage. I instead got an illustrated book of Little Women. I never got to read it.

3. You will at some point inadvertently come across the poetry and prose you wrote back in college. Back then you considered them as art expressing your angst and the general ennui of things, but now you realize that not only were your poetry and prose disgusting crap, but your angst and ennui were crap. No amount of existential crisis matches hunger, disease, and death. We are all going to die, either by some freak accident or some disease, which can be acute and fulminant with sudden extreme suffering, or chronic with prolonged extreme suffering. Life is great. Cheerio.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Well at least you have... Personal growth! Priceless crap!

will said...

IKR personal growth rules!